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25.17 (2nd Club No Vox Mix) - Various - Compressor (CD)

25.17 (2nd Club No Vox Mix) - Various - Compressor (CD)

  • Shaktibar says:
    Jan 28,  · For Rap, the R-vox/R-compressor by waves sounds really good. Just ask "Dave Pensado" He uses those compressors almost every-time on Rap vocals. As far as rock>You definitely have a great choice in the CLA compressors. Try using the CLA76 on drums>Thats a powerful compressor for Drums, but can also be used for BGV's and Across the Mix Bus for.
  • Telrajas says:
    Released in the sunset of an incredible 5 years of dance music - both music and experiences for pretty much anyone born in the 80s. This was one of the last cd's released for the chemical generation where life revolved around a weekend of gods on fridays, gatecrasher on saturdays, and insomniacz & sundissential north on sundays.
  • Vizahn says:
    If you want a better mix, knowing how to use compressors is key. Not every compressor does the same thing. Compressors have personalities! In fact, you should have several compressors and get to know what each one brings to your mix. Compressors give you more loudness without clipping. They smooth out peaks and give more punch.
  • Zum says:
    Using compression correctly is the second most important thing to do after EQ when you need to manipulate audio. You can use compression five different ways that all sound different but still GOOD. In this guide, you'll learn why you should use compression and how to compress your tracks effectively.
  • Groshura says:
    Jun 20,  · When a sound gets too loud, the compressor kicks in and reduces the volume. The ratio determines how much the volume is reduced by. Let me give you an example: You load up a compressor on the vocal and it goes over the threshold by 10dB (more on the threshold in a second). We have set the ratio to
  • Mibar says:
    That said, it is now time to add compressor two. Step 2: The Second Vocal Compressor. We will use the Waves Renaissance Vox for the second compressor. Again I will use the mono version but you should use the version appropriate for your track. The Renaissance Vox plugin is a beautiful exercise in simplicity. It is a “one knob” compressor.
  • Tygogami says:
    No other brand is more associated with British invasion of s than Vox, with the Beatles notably playing their amps before and after they got famous. The original AC Twin design has a sound that resonates with people, from the jangly tones of early Beatles recordings to Brian May’s epic wall-of-Vox lead and riff work to the vocal, funky.
  • Voodoozahn says:
    Apr 07,  · A Tele straight into a VOX AC to the edge of breakup and an analog delay set to slapback is THE sound I love more than everything else. The comp is a completely different story. I miss the beautiful sound of my Empress winto my PRRI and I can't get the same tone with my AC, but I'm still tryng to find the right settings.

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