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  • Moogurr says:
    'Deprogram' By Janis Johnson. May 21, A member of the Hare Krishna sect in Montgomery County charged in a lawsuit yesterday that she was kept prisoner for 33 days by "deprogrammers" who.
  • Kiktilar says:
    Aug 02,  · verb transitive Word forms: deˈproˌgrammed or deˈproˌgramed, deˈproˌgramming or deˈproˌgraming to cause to abandon a rigid commitment to certain beliefs, values, etc., as those of a religious cult, by undoing the effects of indoctrination Webster’s New .
  • Maumi says:
    "You program individuals to go into the military, but you don't deprogram them when they come out," said Wendy McClinton, an Army veteran and executive vice president of New York-based Black Veterans for Social Justice. Home from the military: a third of female veterans are .
  • Arashizuru says:
    Medical Definition of deprogram: to dissuade or try to dissuade from strongly held convictions (as of a religious nature) or a firmly established or innate behavior pattern the necessity of countering propaganda and deprogramming the indoctrinated — Toni Cade Bambara.
  • Meztirisar says:
    Jul 06,  · How to Deprogram Your Friends & Family from the Cult of Fiat Currency. Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver JUL 6, Most everyone you know is a member of a cult. It’s not their fault, and they didn’t consciously seek it out, but your friends and family and almost everyone you know and even come in contact with belong to a system that.
  • Vohn says:
    Leaving the cult is a process that could take a few months to a few years or more. Each survivor’s recovery is dependent on their work situations, family life and other involvements. Some are able to leave the cult and deprogram fine, without any problems afterwards. For others it will take a little bit longer and a little more work.
  • Garan says:
    Launch Day Live Stream - Discussion Topics: Channel Introduction + Overall Premise - Purpose + Background - Content Variety + Schedule - Open Discussion Q&A.
  • Kashura says:
    Deprogram from the Trump Cult. 11/02/ pm ET Updated Dec 06, When you get an email from Nigeria telling you that you will receive $10 million dollars if you send $, your Social Security Number, and your bank details, do you do it?
  • Mektilar says:
    To counteract or try to counteract the effect of an indoctrination, especially a religious or cult indoctrination.

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