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Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons

  • Malamuro says:
    A common conception of a chemical weapon (CW) is of a toxic chemical contained in a delivery system such as a bomb or artillery shell. While technically correct, a definition based on this conception would only cover a small portion of the range of things the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) prohibits as ‘chemical weapons’.
  • Sajas says:
    Aug 01,  · Here's What You Need to Remember:  The Biological Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention now bans these horrible weapons. During the .
  • Akikus says:
    May 31,  · Some types of chemical munitions contain propellants or explosives in addition to chemical warfare agents. After the contents of these weapons are drained, their empty casings might contain leftover materials that could be hazardous.
  • Gogul says:
    In Article II of the CWC, chemical weapons are defined as all toxic chemicals intended for wartime use, which includes not only the finished weapons but also their chemical precursors, munitions, delivery devices, and any other equipment specifically designed for wartime use. Certain kinds of toxic chemicals are, however, permitted by the CWC.
  • Nikolrajas says:
    Chemical weapons. The Japanese used mustard gas and the blister agent Lewisite, against Chinese troops and guerillas in China, amongst others during the Changde chemical weapon attack. Experiments involving chemical weapons were conducted on live prisoners.
  • Tagis says:
    chemical weapon - chemical substances that can be delivered using munitions and dispersal devices to cause death or severe harm to people and animals and plants chemical bomb, gas bomb - a bomb laden with chemical agents that are released when the bomb explodes.
  • Kazimi says:
    Chemical weapon. Weapon of mass destruction. Agent Orange. Tear gas. Weapon. Nerve gas. Lewisite. Diphosgene. Adamsite. Sarin. Mustard gas.
  • Mataxe says:
    Aug 04,  · A year-old Missouri man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to charges related to his trying to buy chemical weapons on the dark web using $ in bitcoin.
  • Akinojind says:
    Chemical Agents Most chemical warfare agents are liquids that evaporate into vapors at varying rates. As effective weapons, they would need to be widely spread by a spray or explosion indoors.

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